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Welcome to Our Farm

In Farming sometimes size matters, so we at Floreida Farms have scoured the country for best land for agriculture.Our Farm at Oyo is situated at Iseyin, a place of rich and fertile land. We practice mixed cropping here, varieties of crops are grown in this rich plain. These Crops include Maize, Coconut , cassava, melon, and Pepper.

Farm Location

Kilometers 19, Oyo Iseyin Road

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08026003401, 09054159502


Maize from our farm at Iseyin are processed into natural feed for livestock at our Badagry Farm, enabling us to build the nutritional needs and dietary needs of our livestock.



Mechanized Farming in its real form

Mechanized Farming in its real form

Mechanized Farming in its real form

We explore the potential of nature to increase the quality of lIfe .

From the Farm gate to the Dinner plate

Looking for natural farm produce?

Floreida farms has helped customers along every link in the farm-to-table value chain including the following markets and areas of instruction.

Food Processing

We produce high quality plantain flours, grown, harvested and dried, processed on our farm
High grade palm oil with low levels of impurities, moisture, free fatty acids, peroxide value and iodine from quality palm trees

Fruits & Vegetables

Hybrid fruits and vegetable production – Cucumber, Water melon, mangoes, avocado pear, guava

Mechanized Farming

We utilize modern technology in all our farming system to produce risk free, pesticide free farm produce for healthy consumption

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Nigeria Corporate Office

Florieda integrated Service, KM 29, Oyo/Iseyin Road, Odo Ogun, Oyo State.

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